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The Global, Microstepping Drive

The ZETA4-240 drive meets the need for global solutions:

  • CE (LVD and EMC) or low-noise applications
  • High-power applications (@ 240VAC)
  • Low-power applications (@120VAC)

The ZETA4-240 complies with the Low Voltage [LVD (EN61010)] and Electromagnetic Compatibility [EMC (CISPR22/EN55022 Class B)] directives making it an excellent choice for machines built in or shipped to the European community. By designing the drive to meet the EMC Class B’s rigid standards, the ZETA4-240 also meets North America’s FCC Class B emissions test making it the solution for low-noise applications. The ZETA4-240 has also received UL approval.

The ZETA4-240 can be used for low- and high-power applications. For low-power applications, the ZETA 4-240 operates at 120VAC to provide the same performance as the ZETA4 [torque from 43 oz-in (0.3 Nm) to 383 oz-in (2.7 Nm), speed/torque curves on page C32]. For high-power applications, the ZETA4-240 runs off 240VAC to provide the same performance of an 8A drive [torque from 171 oz-in (1.21 Nm) to 1991 oz-in (14.1 Nm), speed/torque curves on page C39]. C winding motors are required when running the ZETA4-240 from 240VAC.



  • CE marked with full EMC and LVD compliance
  • Standard step-and-direction input or CW/CCW input
  • Torque from 171 oz-in (1.21 N-m) to 1991 oz-in (14.1 N-m)
  • Active Damping (patent pending) benefits: – Damping ratios of up to 0.5 – Higher acceleration than conventional step systems – Decrease motor vibration – Increase shaft power – Higher performance
  • Electronic Viscosity (patent pending) benefits: – Reduce settling time – Increase slow-speed smoothness (reduce velocity ripple) – Reduce audible noise
  • Anti-resonance eliminates mid-range instability and provides damping ratios of up to 0.2.
Protection Circuit
  • Motor short circuits (phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground)
  • Overtemperature
  • Undervoltage
  • Power dump (dissipates excess energy caused by load regeneration)
  • For 120VAC operation, six motors available in size 23 and 34 frame sizes. For 240VAC operation, six motors available in size 34 and 42 frame sizes.
  • Drive status indicators: power, step input, over temperature and motor fault
  • 120VAC (170VDC bus voltage); 240VAC (340VDC bus voltage)
  • Removable connectors for easy installation
  • Selectable damping for optimized performance
  • Optional EMC drive kit consisting of AC mains filter and cabling to allow complete system compliance

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