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External I/O Module

The VM24 is a new family of external I/O modules that acts as an interface for the general purpose programmable inputs and outputs of all the 6000 Series products (AT6nnn products, 62nn stand-alone products, and 61nn single-axis products). The VM24 module consists of a base board and one to three SIM (single, in-line module) style boards that can be inserted to provide the user a scalable solution for their input and output needs. Optical isolation is still inherited from the 6000 products, but the VM24 adds the following functionality:

  • The outputs are enhanced by an undervoltage lockout circuit and a thermal shutdown protection circuit. These outputs operate over 5VDC to 24VDC, will sink 50 mA to a TTL level (0.4VDC), or 0.5A to 2.5VDC and will source 50 mA to V0–2VDC, or 0.5A to V0–2.5VDC.
  • The inputs add decompression, hysteresis, high frequency filter and an overvoltage clamp to the 6000 products. These sourcing or sinking inputs operate from 5VDC to 24VDC and switch at one-third of the supply with the hysteresis also at one-third the supply (e.g., with 24VDC a “1” is greater than 16V and a “0” is less than 8VDC with hysteresis between 16V and 8V).
  • Jumpers are used to configure the inputs for the SIM as sourcing or sinking. Each socket has its own corresponding jumper, allowing each input SIM to be independently configured. The VM24 module accepts a 50-pin ribbon cable from the 6000 Series product and provides screw terminal connections to the user’s application. The 24 I/O signals to/from the 50-pin DIN connector and the 50-pin screw terminal are interrupted by three SIM sockets (each SIM interrupts an 8-bit group of signals). The VM24 module comes configured one of five ways.

The VM24 module is shipped with a 2-ft cable with mating-keyed connectors. Multi-axis 6000 Series products have different input and output connectors. Therefore, the two multi-axis configurations (VM8/16 and VM16/8) require a split cable to access both of these connectors. The VM24 module and appropriate cable will be shipped from the factory at the time of order.

The VM24 family of external I/O modules will benefit a variety of industrial applications. With this new product, all of Compumotor’s products are “industrial” 24V-compatible and can interface with any industrial PLC. Application development and implementation time will be greatly reduced with this new and exciting product.
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