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 The ZETA Series
Microstepping Systems: the Next Generation

The ZETA Series provides a user-friendly system that delivers high performance and reliability in two packages—the ZETA4 drive and the ZETA6104 drive/indexer. The entire series incorporates the breakthrough techniques known as Active Damping and Electronic Viscosity (patents pending). This combination of innovative features makes the ZETA Series the smallest, highest performing and most cost-effective microstepping system available today. Furthermore, the entire series incorporates the latest developments in ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) and FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) technology.

The ZETA drive is perfect for multi-axis applications and allows control by any standard step and direction or clockwise/counter clockwise indexer.

The ZETA6104 combines the power and reliability of Compumotor’s ZETA drive with the flexibility of Compumotor’s 6000 Series of indexers. This advanced design makes the ZETA6104 the highest performing, single-axis system in the industry.

Like all 6000 Series products, the ZETA6104 uses the 6000 Series command language—a powerful command language that is flexible enough to implement complex motion control applications and simple enough for the novice programmer. The ZETA6104 is also compatible with Motion Toolbox, DDE6000 Server and Motion Builder for additional application ease-of-use and flexibility.

The ZETA6104 can operate stand-alone, interface to PCs and PLCs or can interface with Compumotor’s remote operator interface, the RP240.
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