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 The ZETA Family
Microstepping Drive and Drive/Controller The ZETA Family offers a full range of power for your motion control needs.

Compumotor’s Leadership Incorporated in 1979, Compumotor earned its reputation for innovation by pioneering microstepping drive techniques to improve the smoothness and resolution of the step motor control system. Compumotor’s innovative leadership continued with the ZETA Series. The ZETA Series incorporates patentable techniques known as Active Damping and Electronic Viscosity. The result is higher throughput by reducing settling time and decreasing motor vibration. The user has selectable damping to optimize performance, and reduce audible noise.

The ZETA Series The ZETA Series provides a user-friendly system that delivers high performance and reliability in eight versions – the ZETA4, ZETA4-240, ZETA8 and ZETA12 drives and the ZETA6104, ZETA6104-240, ZETA6108 and ZETA6112 drive/indexers. The entire series incorporates the breakthrough techniques known as Active Damping and Electronic Viscosity (patents pending).

This family of products incorporates the latest developments in ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) and FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) technology.

The ZETA drives are perfect for multi-axis applications and allows control by any standard step and direction or clockwise/counter – clockwise indexer.

The ZETA6000 drive/indexers combines the power and reliability of Compumotor’s ZETA drives with the flexibility of Compumotor’s 6000 Series of indexers. This advanced design makes the ZETA6000 drive/indexer family the highest performing, single-axis system in the industry.

Quality Design & Sound Manufacturing At Compumotor, producing reliable and quality products is our number one priority. Our ZETA products are designed with high-quality standards and are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment. These products are designed with heatsinks that can provide full current at the industry-standard maximum ambient temperature of 50°C without a fan, interruptions or limiting your duty cycle. Like all Compumotor products, the ZETA Series is designed for manufacturability (DFM) and high reliability. Before any product reaches our customers, it must pass a rigorous set of hardware and software tests.

Compumotor has invested in capital equipment such as surface mount and automated insertion machines to guarantee a prompt response to orders. Unlike other companies, Compumotor has the flexibility to build any product in any quantity (based on demand) without relying on a third-party vendor to build our boards.

Compliance The ZETA Series is UL (Underwriter Laboratory) Recognized and CE (LVD) compliant. The ZETA4-240, ZETA8 and ZETA12 were also designed to meet the Electromagnetic Compatibility [EMC (CISPR22/EN55022 Class B)] directives, making them an excellent choice for machines built in or shipped to the European Community. The EMC CISPR22/EN55011 Class B directives are the most stringent emissions and immunity standards applicable to the motion control industry (excluding medical applications) and are intended for heavy, commercial, and light industrial environments. By designing these products to meet the EMC Class B’s rigid standards, these products also meet North America’s FCC Class B emissions test making them the solution for low noise applications. While compliance with these standards is imperative for our European customers and machine builders who export to Europe, we feel our domestic customers can benefit from our compliance as well.
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