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 PDS Series
Step/Direction Drives

PDS drives are appropriate in applications that require coordinated multi-axis motion control, interfacing to a user-supplied pulse source or applications that have very simple control functions. The PDS drives are frequently used on multi-axis applications with Compumotor 6000 Series indexers. The internal oscillator can solve some low-complexity applications without the additional expense of a PDX indexer/drive.

When the PDS drive is used with a Compumotor 6000 Series indexer, the drive is essentially a slave to the Step and Direction signals output by the 6000 Series indexer. The drive plugs directly into the cable supplied with the indexer; the only other configuration required is to select the appropriate motor current, motor resolution and standby mode. Selection of these parameters is by switches accessed through the front panel. All other system parameters are configured by software in the 6000 Series indexer.

Applications having simple control requirements could be solved with the PDS drive internal oscillator feature. The drive’s internal oscillator is controlled by two inputs; slow and fast. When the slow input is active, the oscillator generates low-frequency pulses and slowly rotates the motor at a constant speed, when the input goes inactive the motor stops immediately. When the fast input is active, the oscillator generates high-frequency pulses and will rotate the motor at a higher speed. The fast speed range will ramp pulses to accelerate the motor. If the pulses were unramped, the motor would tend to stall. When the fast input is deactivated, the pulses will be ramped down to a stop. The speed of the step pulses is controlled by two potentiometers; one to control the slow range and one for the fast range. Another potentiometer is provided to adjust the fast speed ramp rate. A PLC can control the PDS drive Fast, Slow and Direction inputs solving some low-complexity applications.


  • Standardized Step/Direction/Shutdown inputs and Fault output
  • Directly compatible with Compumotor 6000 Series controls
  • Directly compatible with open-collector user supplied pulse sources
  • Internal dual range speed-control oscillator
  • Self-test rotates motor without supplying external pulse source

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