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 Model 500



  • One axis of step and direction control with incremental or absolute encoder feedback
  • Motion calculation delay times as low as 500 microseconds
  • Optical isolation provides high electrical noise immunity
  • Four user-definable registration inputs to interrupt at the highest priority level
  • PLC functionality and interfacing capability using the 13 programmable inputs and 8 programmable outputs
  • Up to 8 digits plus a sign bit of BCD thumbwheels interface for entering distances, velocities, time delays, loop counts and variables
  • A motion profiling mode allows changing velocity, following ratio or turning on an output based on a distance without stopping
  • High-level conditional branching programming commands such as If/Then/Else, While, Repeat/Until, Goto and Gosub
  • Complex evaluations such as checking input states and error conditions, Boolean evaluations, and variable comparisons for program branching
  • 8k bytes of battery-backed RAM for storage of up to 100 sequences
  • Program debug tools—single-step Trace mode allows stepping through programs one command at a time, and simulation of I/O activation
  • Separate acceleration and deceleration profiles
  • Math capabilities with 50 variables
Interface Capability
  • Standard RS-232C Interface
  • Compatible with RP-240 remote panel interface—see page C119
  • Compatible with Compumotor AR-C Absolute Encoders and -E Incremental Encoders—see page C124
  • Stand-alone package
  • Sequence execution via front panel pushbuttons

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