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 LX Series
Packaged Microstepping Linear Motor/Indexer/Drive Systems



  • Forces up to 20 pounds (89 N)
  • High voltage (170V) operation for high-speed performance
  • Drive provides 0-3 Amps/phase bipolar
  • Microprocessor controlled microstepping provides smooth operation
  • Application disk provided for programming assistance and forcer selection
  • Built-in RS-232C indexer with X Series command language superset
  • Up to 8 units can be daisychained on a single RS-232C port
  • 1800 characters of non-volatile memory can store up to 40 motion programs
  • Automatic power-up motion program execution
  • Motion sequence selection via RS-232C or external switch closures
  • Sequence upload, download and automatic verify
  • Automatic acceleration roll-off for maximum force utilization and shorter move times
  • Flexible acceleration profiling for customized acceleration profiles
  • Transmits messages out the RS-232C port for control of other RS-232C controllers or for output to message displays
  • Returns message giving calculated move time of the currently defined move
Protective Circuit
  • Short circuit, brownout and overtemperature protected
  • Packaged system with drive, indexer, power supply, heatsink, and cables
  • 95-135VAC, 50/60 Hz input power
Interface Capabilities
  • Nine optically isolated inputs
  • Two optically isolated programmable outputs
  • Optional electronic accelerometer damping to further enhance the motorís dynamic performance
  • 12,500 steps per inch standard

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