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 JS6000 Analog Joystick
NOTE: This product is now obsolete

The JS6000 is an analog joystick designed to interface with the 6000 series programmable motion controllers. It is capable of controlling two axes at a time. The speed of motion is controlled by the deflection of the joystick; the greater the deflection, the faster the motion. A selector switch with positions A and B can be programmed to select different speed ranges.

The joystick is also equipped with a release switch. This switch is used to release the joystick from commanding the motors and restores control to the 6000 controller. The trigger switch is a momentary switch that can be programmed to interact with the 6000 controller.

Installation The JS6000 comes ready to be attached to the 6000 series controllers. First, connect the 15-pin D connector to the back of the JS6000. Next, connect the 25-pin D connector into the joystick post of the 6000 series controller.
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