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 AR-C Series
Absolute Rotary Encoder
NOTE: This product is now obsolete

The Model AR-C is a cost-effective rotary encoder that brings absolute position verification to the encoder marketplace. All the elements of an absolute encoder including the encoding disks, microprocessor, and interface are incorporated in this design and can be ordered with a single part number. This unique construction makes the Model AR-C extremely easy to use.

In absolute mode, users may configure the resolution from 3,048 to 16,384 discrete positions. In incremental mode, the encoder’s resolution is fixed at 1,024 lines (pre-quadrature). The Model AR-C is ideal for fine positioning applications. Up to 512 complete turns provide the user with 8,388,608 discrete absolute positions.

A microprocessor is used to decode the encoder output, and make the subsequent information compatible with easy-to-use interfaces such as RS-422, RS-485C, RS-232 or parallel, BCD and binary. Up to 16 devices can be multidropped from a single RS-422 port. The microprocessor also provides for error detection, programmable scaling of resolution, and zero offsets.

The Model AR-C incorporates reliability, high resolution, and unique communications in a single, cost-effective, standalone package, or it can be directly interfaced to Compumotor Model 500, 4000, and

SX-A Indexers
For custom cable lengths, contact Compumotor’s Custom Products Group.


  • AR-C directly interfaces to Compumotor 500, 4000, and SX-A Indexers
  • High resolution—up to 16,384 discrete positions/rev
  • Multi-turn—up to 512 turns at full resolution – 8,388,608 total discrete positions
  • Microprocessor decoding eliminates user decoding
  • Several communication methods: Parallel BCD or binary (8- or 16-bit); RS-422C; RS-232C; RS-485C
  • Position offset
  • Programmable distance scaling
  • Multiple encoders may be multidropped via RS-422C or RS-485C
  • Microprocessor monitors for errors and sensor failure
To assist in mounting, there are four options available:
  • –F Flange
  • –B Size 23 stepper bracket
  • –C Size 34 stepper bracket
  • –D Size 42 stepper bracket
Armored cable
  • –A 10-foot armored cable

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