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OEM300 Power Supply

The OEM300 Power Module is optimized to provide power for a number of Compumotor OEM Series drives and drive/ controllers. The total number of drives is limited by total power demand.

The OEM300 Power Module can operate at 120VAC or 240VAC, at 50/60 Hz. The input voltage is selected by using a jumper on the input terminals. The voltage output of the OEM300 is fixed at 75VDC. It can produce 2.7A continuous and 4.0A peak, and provides power for drive and motors. The OEM300 Power Module contains over-temperature, short circuit protection, internal power dump and overvoltage circuits to provide protection for the Power Module and the equipment it powers.

The OEM300 Power Module is compact. It occupies the space of two OEM drives, and mounts similarly to the drives. Its small footprint conserves space in equipment cabinets. For power supply cooling, the OEM300 uses a headplate design for efficient heat transfer.



  • Provides power to OEM Series drive and drive/controllers
  • Operates at 120 or 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Robust metal frame design
  • 2.7A continuous, 4A peak
  • Regulated output


  • Over-temperature, over-voltage, and short circuit protection
  • Internal power dump circuit to dissipate regenerated power from drive

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