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Three-Phase Direct Online Power Supplies

Two central power modules are available to power SV-M or COMPAX-M drives, with continuous ratings of 10 kW (NMD10) and 20 kW (NMD20). These supplies operate from a 3-phase AC input up to 480V. The DC output is connected to one or more servo drives by jumper cables fitted behind a removable front plate. A separate 24 VDC supply is required to power the control circuits, permitting communication and diagnostic facilities to be retained should the main power supply fail.

Energy regenerated during deceleration will be stored in the power supply capacitors unless the DC bus voltage exceeds a preset level, in which case a ballast resistor is automatically switched in to dissipate the surplus energy. The high-power NMD20 module may be used in conjunction with an external ballast resistor to handle high regenerated energy levels.

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