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COMPAX Single- and Multi-Axis CE-Marked Digital Brushless Servo Systems

  • Position, velocity & torque controller for three phase sinusoidal brushless motors
  • Power ratings up to 19.5 kW continuous
  • Fully protected IGBT power stage
  • Three-phase power input, direct on line (no transformer required)
  • Separate power module allows shared supply in multi-axis systems
  • Nonvolatile memory for stored-program operation
  • Completely enclosed metal casing for total protection and electromagnetic shielding
  • Fully-digital current loop based on high-speed digital signal processor (100 s cycle time)
  • Range of customized variants tailored to meet the demands of specific applications
  • Automatic tuning adjustment from given load data
  • Simplified servo loop optimization using only two parameters (stiffness and damping)
  • Open communications structure with a choice of serial, binary and PLC interfaces as well as Profibus, CANbus and Interbus-S
  • PLC-compatible input and output circuits using 24V signal levels
  • High-speed data interface (HEDA) allows precise multi-axis synchronization with decentralized control

A Choice of Power Ratings

There is a selection of continuous power ratings covering the range 2.5-19.5kW. The COMPAX is available in single axis and multi-axis configurations. The single axis version incorporates a built-in power supply which operates from three-phase AC inputs at voltages up to 460V. The multi-axis version offers two central power supply modules (both of which operate from three-phase AC inputs at voltages up to 460V). The power supplies have built-in dynamic braking circuit to dissipate regenerated power during deceleration. The multi-axis COMPAX with distributed power supply makes for a cost effective solution for applications requiring more than two axes of control.

All configuration data required for standard motors is pre-loaded at the factory and may be recalled using a 3-digit code, minimizing the setup time for standard motors. By simply entering the maximum and minimum values for the external load inertia, the drive will automatically calculate optimum tuning values to ensure stable operation from power-up.

COMPAX drives are housed in a rugged, fully-enclosed metal casing providing a high degree of protection as well as effective electromagnetic shielding. The rear-mounted heat sink allows the higher-power units to be mounted through a cutout in the panel, minimizing the heat dissipation within the equipment cabinet.

The COMPAX incorporates the latest breakthroughs in servo controller functionality into a fully digital, user-friendly system. The COMPAX was designed in Germany, where fieldbus conductivity has long been a critical application consideration. Today, fieldbus options are being explored domestically by many progressive OEMs and end-users. This product significantly reduces application development time through the use of parameter-based programming and application-specific software modules.

Powerful Control Functions

The COMPAX may be controlled using direct commands in real time from a host controller, or it can operate from an internally-stored control program with up to 250 command lines. In addition to the basic position control version, application-specific variants cater to a wide variety of tasks from processing material in motion to electronic gearing and cam control. An RS-232C serial interface provides complete configuration and diagnostic facilities using an external computer or terminal. Parameter editing and storage software is provided with the controller. For diagnostic purposes, the front panel incorporates a 7-segment LED display combined with a simple three-button selection system to monitor system status.

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