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ZETA Series Table of Contents:
ZETA Family Offers Full Range of Power for Your Stepper Control Needs

The ZETA Series provides a low-cost, user-friendly system that delivers high performance and reliability in eight versions -- the ZETA4, ZETA4-240, ZETA8 and ZETA12 drives and the ZETA6104, ZETA6104-240, ZETA6108 and ZETA6112 drive/controllers. The entire series incorporates the breakthrough techniques known as Active Damping TM (patented) and Electronic Viscosity TM (patent pending). The result is higher throughput by reducing settling time and decreasing motor vibration. The user has selectable damping to optimize performance and reduce audible noise. The ZETA drives are perfect for multi-axis applications and allows control by any standard step and direction or clockwise/counter -- clockwise controller.

The ZETA6000 drive/controllers combines the power and reliability of Compumotorís ZETA drives with the flexibility of Compumotorís 6000 Series of controllers. This advanced design makes the ZETA6000 drive/controller family the highest performing, single-axis system in the industry.


The ZETA Series is UL (Underwriter Laboratory) Recognized and CE (LVD) compliant. The ZETA4-240, ZETA8 and ZETA12 were also designed to meet the Electromagnetic Compatibility [EMC (CISPR22/EN55022 Class B)] directives, making them an excellent choice for machines built in or shipped to the European Community. By designing these products to meet the EMC Class Bís rigid standards, these products also meet North Americaís FCC Class B emissions test making them the solution for low noise applications.

Major Issues of Open Loop Systems are Solved

When the torque demand on a step motor system exceeds the torque available, the motor can lose synchronization; this is known as stalling. Stalling occurs normally when a step motor is commanded to do a move which it cannot perform. In some cases, however, a step motor can stall even when it is capable of making the move. In these cases, the step motor system vibrates so dramatically that the available torque is not adequate to overcome the vibration and make the move. When operating the step motor near a system resonance point, the likelihood of a stall due to vibration is higher.

To minimize the likelihood of a system stalling, step motors require damping. To dampen means to decrease oscillation. The more damping, the faster the oscillation decreases. A step motor with a high damping ratio will be able to perform to the best of its ability.

The ZETA Series provides damping electronically, with no additional devices or wires to connect. Compumotorís electronic damping is configurable, so it can change if the application changes.

ZETA Series Benefits:

  • Stalling is minimized without the additional expense and inertia of a damper
  • Higher acceleration
  • Higher performance

* EMC with proper filter and intallation procedures.

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