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The 6K Platform & Ordering Information

Universal, Flexible, Expandable

The 6K hardware platform has been designed with one idea in mind, CONNECTIVITY. This thought process has led us to design one of the most flexible and powerful controllers on the market. Servo or stepper, embedded control or stand-alone control, small to large amounts of I/O and expandable axes are all accommodated through the 6K platform. Some of the newest features incorporated are:

Ethernet and Fieldbus Connectivity

Embedded control is a complicated issue these days compounded by the number of bus architectures available on the market. With the 6K's Ethernet capability, the type of bus architecture used is no longer a critical factor in choosing a controller. The 6K can interface with every popular bus structure on the market through readily available Ethernet cards. Ethernet also enables connectivity to PLCs, MMIs, I/O modules and vision systems. Profibus-DP or Interbus-S options allow connections to a PLC or PC master as well.

Expansion I/O

Not every application requires high numbers of I/O. The 6K on-board I/O offers end-of-travel and home limits per axis, fast trigger inputs and digital outputs. If necessary, the EVM32 expansion I/O allows users to extend an application by adding I/O modules. Up to eight EVM32 modules may be connected, allowing up to 256 digital inputs, 256 digital outputs, 64 analog inputs, or 64 analog outputs to be added to the 6K. I/O scanning occurs every 2ms. A cover and LEDs are provided for protection and visual referencing.

Synchronization Bus

The 6K platform is capable of handling up to 8 axes on one controller. If a situation arises where more than eight axes must be synchronized, the 6K offers an optional synchronization bus to connect up to 8 controllers, or up to 64 axes. Information is passed via a serial bus which contains a synchronization pulse to ensure every controller receives the information on time every time.

Servo and Step Motor Control

The 6K is designed to control both industry standard servo drives and industry standard step and direction drives. Axes are configured via software for any combination of servo and step motor drives.

DIN Rail Mounting

All 6K controllers and accessories are DIN Rail mountable for easy integration onto panels and into industrial enclosures. Panel mounting is also available.

Compact Design

The 6K was designed to occupy as little space as possible. The 6K2 and 6K4 are 131.9 in3 while the 6K6 and 6K8 occupy only 252.8 in3. This design was achieved by removing redun-dant components such as a 24 volt power supply and utilizing compact D-shell connectors instead of larger screw terminal connections. Accessories are available to ease connections to the D-shell connectors.

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