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6K Language

Now More Powerful than Ever!

The 6000 Motion Control Language has been the cornerstone of Compumotor's control products for over 5 years. Users of 6000 products value the simple yet powerful nature of the 6000 Language. Several major new software features have been added to the 6K to make the 6000 Language even more powerful:

  • Multitasking
  • PLC Scan Mode
  • PLS (Programmable Limit Switch)
  • Virtual Master
  • Web Registration
  • Repetitive Cycle

These features add to the already impressive list of 6000 Language features such as:

  • Contouring
  • Cam Profiling
  • Teach Mode
  • Data Arrays
  • Position Following
  • Registration

Multi Tasking

The 6K offers pre-emptive multi tasking which allows the user to simultaneously run up to 10 tasks from one controller. Separate logic and motion programs can now be created and executed at the same time allowing more flexible error handling and I/O monitoring than ever before.

PLC Scan Mode

PLC Scan Mode allows you to mimic the functions of a PLC. A high speed compiled program is dedicated to scan as fast as 2 ms and handles only logic functions such as error bits, I/O bits, variables and timers to ensure high speed scanning. PLC Scan Mode also allows powerful features to be programmed including PLS functionality (Programmable Limit Switches).


The 6K introduces three new following features to its repertoire:

  • Virtual Master allows you to follow an internal count source to solve multi-axis electronic cams and sinusoidal move profile applications.
  • Web Registration allows you to easily handle web process-ing applications with dedicated registration handling subroutines.
  • Following Repetitive Cycle defines a motion synchronized to a repetitive external event such as high speed cut-on-the-fly.

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