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The 6K Software

The 6K Software -- The Right Idea and the Right Tools

Motion Planner TM

Motion Planner is our newest addition to the already extensive library of software products available from Compumotor. Motion Planner is a code development package like no other. Several features are incorporated to assist novice and expert users alike in developing code. Develop your code correctly the first time with powerful debugging tools. Soar through setup effortlessly with wizards. Tune servos quickly and easily with built in servo tuning software. Create visually appealing user interfaces with our PanelMaker Visual Basic scripting tool. Motion Planner is an essential part of any 6K project.

Itís Free

Motion Planner is shipped free with every 6K and together they present hardware and software designers with a faster and better motion control solution than ever before. We have spent time perfecting our software so you don't have to spend your time putting it to work. Motion Planner software is also available for free at our website: (

SmartEditor TM

Creating code is one of the most time consuming aspects of system development. The software designers at Compumotor understand this, so Motion Planner TM 's editor was designed with efficiency in mind. The SmartEditor TM incorporates these functions:

  • Automatic syntax checking as you type
  • Color coded syntax highlighting
  • Ever present help screen to access command descriptions

Motion Planner TM's SmartEditor TM will virtually eliminate syntax debugging and will help you generate efficient error free code the first time.


You spend a lot of time developing your application potential. You need a way to relay that potential to users and operators. Motion Planner TM's PanelMaker features allows you to create informative and aesthetically pleasing interface screens without purchasing expensive software. PanelMaker utilizes powerful Microsoft. Visual Basic TM scripting to assist in panel creation. If you are already familiar with Visual Basic TM you will find the programming very similiar and if not, we have created several pre-defined interfaces for you in our interface gallery. An ActiveX control is also provided for fast checking of controller parameters.

ServoTuner TM

To help you optimize your servo axes and speed you on your way towards creating motion, Motion Planner TM includes a servo tuning utility. Using ServoTuner TM you can change all tuning gains and see the motor response on the graphical tuning interface. Motion Planner TM will seamlessly integrate your programming, setup and tuning so you spend more time developing your application's full potential.


Now you can convert your .DXF, HPGL or G-Code files directly into language that the 6K understands with CompuCAM. Built-in filters, available for this add-on utility to Motion Planner TM , allow quick creation of complex contouring code. All scaling and tolerances are handled within CompuCAM, just set your default parameters, import your file to create the 6K code. Itís that easy!

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