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Compumotor introduces the latest in a series of products for high volume applications - the OEMZL. The OEMZL provides a low-cost, user-friendly system that delivers high performance and reliability for single or multi-axis microstepping applications.

OEMZL4 for less than $500* The OEMZL4 microstepping drive incorporates two advanced damping technologies, Anti-Resonance and Electronic Viscosity. These unique circuits increase the performance of stepper motors by damping the resonance and ringing usually seen after quick moves. The OEMZL4 drive is perfect for multi-axis applications and allows control by any standard step and direction or clockwise/counter-clockwise controller.

OEMZL6104 for less than $865* The OEMZL6104 combines the OEMZL4 drive with the power and reliability of the 6000 family of controllers into one convenient package. The OEMZL6104 uses the popular 6000 Series command language. This easy-to-learn language is powerful enough to implement complex motion control applications yet simple enough not to overwhelm a novice programmer. To speed application development, Motion Architect is compatible with the OEMZL6104 and contains many tools which make application development and implementation easy. The OEMZL6104 is also compatible with Motion Toolbox, DDE6000 Server, and Motion Builder software packages.

* in quantity 100

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