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OEM770 Series Table of Contents:
  • OEM770 - Brushless Servo Drives
    OEM770 Series

    Brushless Servo Solutions For the OEM

    The Making of a Servo System

    Servo systems rely on feedback devices to continuously correct for errors in current or torque, velocity, and position. A typical servo system includes a servo controller, amplifier, and motor with a feedback device. The servo amplifier can have varying degrees of complexity and performance. A torque amplifier (e.g. OEM670T) controls only the current loop. A positioning servo (e.g. OEM670SD, OEM675X) accepts encoder feedback to close the position loop.

    The OEM770 Family

    The OEM770 family of products bring high performance in a small, low cost package. The OEM770 family offers a cost effective solution to a number of fractional horsepower brushless servo applications.

    The OEM770 family was designed to operate with Compumotorís SM, NeoMetric, and J Series and 23 Frame BE series of motors or any standard three phase brushless DC servo motor equipped with Hall effect sensors. The OEM770 family uses three-state current control for efficient drive performance and cooler motor operation. These servo drives are high performance modules which the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) can use to design a motion control system.

    The OEM770 family products are small and convenient to use. Units install with only two screws (the screws also provide grounding and captivate the cover). Their right-angle screw terminal allows side-by-side mounting, and their small footprint maximizes cabinet space. The snap-on molded cover is removable for system configuration and helps provide a barrier against environmental contamination. The drives are the same size as a 3U Eurorack card. Their standard 25-pin connector is compatible with universally available connectors.

    Computer Programmable Stand-alone Servo Drives

    Compumotorís OEM770X drive/controllers are stand-alone fully integrated servo systems for fractional horsepower applications. Designed to provide greater flexibility and user convenience, the single-axis OEM770X incorporate a built-in RS-232C based controller in the same small package for quick, easy programming. Users can program seven sequences and utilize five programmable inputs and two programmable outputs per unit.

    OEM670 and OEM675 Series

    The OEM770 series replaces both the OEM670 and the OEM675 series of products. Technology enhancements and field experience have enabled Compumotor to re-design these very successful products into a single, more powerful package. Additional References

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